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Meet Amber

Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach

Certified Medical Assistant

--My health journey started in my childhood. I was not always healthy and well.  I was overweight, out of shape, struggling through school, constantly sick, and truly miserable. My family had no care for nutrition or fitness. If it was not for being raised this way I would not be where I am today.

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 In my early 20’s I was a mom of two young boys. I had gained weight during my pregnancy and wanted to lose it.  I began to read textbooks on nutrition and how the body uses food, this set me on a healthy eating path. A few years later after my third son was born, I started having constant rashes and joint pain. I spent almost a year in and out of specialist, countless imaging, and lab tests to be diagnosed with an idiopathic autoimmune disease which to me sounded scary, but later learned that was a fancy way for Drs to tell me it was some type of autoimmune disease, but they could not yet figure out what.  And a few years later I went in for back surgery. After I was given the go ahead to be active post-surgery, I was determined to become fit and healthy. I started eating even more clean and whole and working out regularly.  4 years passed and I realized I had not had a single autoimmune disease flare, where before this I would have at least 4 per year. I started to understand the link to whole healthy eating, activity, and disease!


--After going through all of this I wanted to be a part of healthcare and help people! I was inspired. I completed a medical assisting course and began working in family practice. A few years later I went back to school to be a radiology practical technician.

--I love working with patients, however a few years into my career I started to become very discouraged, feeling I was not helping people enough with becoming or staying healthy. I began to realize that America does not have a “healthcare system” We have a “sick- care system” There is almost no focus on staying healthy, the focus is waiting until it is too late and then trying to manage the disease, not prevent it.   I started to doubt my role in healthcare, started to think of changing careers and what I could go back to school for to purse my true passion in “healthcare” I believe --There should be so much more focus on intergrading holistic options with modern medicine. Now having my 4th child, my daughter, I am beyond grateful for the new knowledge I have on staying healthy.


--Every single day I see firsthand the struggle of people’s lack of understanding nutrition and feeling hopeless. Being told they need to change their diet and lifestyle but not knowing where to start. Losing motivation quickly because of this and never making the needed changes.


--For the past 12+ years I have worked full time in healthcare. I am a certified medical assistant and radiology technician. I work directly with physicians and patients.  I live and breathe healthcare not only at work but at home. Seeing sick people every day really pushed me into keeping me and my family healthy. I have spent the past 12+ years obsessing on healthy eating, reading labels, making lists of acceptable foods, meal prepping, making weekly healthy meals, workout routines, consulting physicians I work with, reading numerous self-help books, podcasts, motivational seminars, and therapy to better myself and those around me.


--Every opportunity I have I educate patients on needed diet and activity changes to help with their disease. I cannot count the number of patients, friends, and family that I have been able to help change their life for the better!  So many of them have told me what a difference my advice and help has made with their life, from feeling better, reversing disease, losing weight, and just overall feeling better.   For years so many people have told me I need to become a health and wellness coach.  Finally, my other half convinced me to go for it.  With the support of my family, Specifically my other half Adam, I obtained my health and wellness coach certification to pursue my true passion HEALTH CARE


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