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--The body works as a whole; you cannot just treat one system and expect optimal outcomes. Whole body health and wellness is the key for true health.

My coaching style blends the 4-D Model, Discover Dream Design Deliver with SMART goals.


1.Before you start on your journey, you’ll need to back up and out of the garage. Determine your why – your grand purpose. Do you want to lose weight so you can be healthier and reverse or reduce the chances for major medical issues? Feel better, look better, truly tell yourself I am MY BEST ME. Visualize where you want to be at the end of your journey!


2. Next, write down your goal. Studies show that people who set goals and write them down achieve more than those who do not. SMART goals are the best:

  • specific – precise and clear so you know exactly what you want. Ask yourself what you see when you think of MY BEST ME.

  • Measurable – put a number or a percent so you can easily determine when it’s accomplished.

  • Attainable – challenging, yet realistic, set yourself up for success.  (Unrealistic goals cause loss of motivation.)

  • Relevant – to YOU (and not someone else). What you want.  Only  you can control your own path.

  • Time-based – with a specified deadline.


Your SMART goal  towards your DREAM is the beginning of your success plan to MY BEST ME.  Refer to it often to keep focused.

What I Specialize In

Reset Your Metabolism 

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

Adopt a Sustainable Healthy Lifestyle

Set Health Goals

Help You Create Your Personalized 

Nutrition Plan

I was diagnoses with high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. After working on my diet for just 3 months with Amber I reversed both of these conditions. More importantly I now know how to incorporate these changes into my daily life to stay healthy.


Amber has encouraged me to set small attainable goals to help me reach the larger final result I am working towards. Her infectious personality encourages me to stay the course. She is very knowledgeable in her field of healthy eating and is eager to share with others.


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