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Benefits of this program:

· Restore your energy
· Regain Health
· Increase focus and better mental health.
· Make healthy meals. Eat better and save time and money.
· Learn simple life hacks that make huge differences.
· Aging with energy. 

What is included in each plan:

· A solid step-by-step system to give clarity, focus, confidence and support you need to reach your goals.
· One on one coaching
· Building a map to success together
· Recipe and meal prep ideas
· Specific lists of superfoods so you don’t have to spend as much time reading labels.

· Workout recommendations and plans
· Email support
· Recommended books, videos, apps and web pages to help you reach your goals

*each package includes a 60 minute initial consultation, in person (Weber and Davis county UT) or virtual session to discover your goals, visions, and dreams. Start to uncover the best path to achieve the life you desire. You can become My Best Me


*after initial consultation each program starts with weekly 30-60 minute sessions. Can be in person, virtual, or a combination. 


*additional add- on weekly email or text check-ins in addition to the sessions.


*additional add-ons also offered, pantry makeover, in person meal prep session, grocery store tours. prices vary. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Explore Health Coaching

    Just attend initial consult to explore what health coaching is about. No obligation.
    • One-on-One consultation single session
  • Best Value

    Wellness journey foundation

    4 sessions
    • Weekly or bi-monthly sessions
  • Creating habits for a healthy you

    8 Sessions
    • Weekly or bi-monthly
  • Transform my health and wellness

    12 Sessions
    • Weekly or bi-monthly
  • Become My Best Me

    24 Sessions
    • Weekly or bi-monthly

Workplace Wellness

Working Together

Prices vary

Bring wellness into your workplace!

Take care of your employees and they will take care of business! Healthy happy employees=better business.

Not only have corporate wellness programs been proven to boost moral, increase productivity and create more satisfaction with career, it is also proven to return substantial savings on healthcare premiums and employee costs. Lets set up a meeting to discuss options.

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