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Hydrate for Better Health.

Water is one of the six essential nutrients for life (water, fat, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals). Most people can survive up to six weeks without food, but only a few days without water,

yet hydration is often overlooked as an essential health component. The majority of Americans (estimated approximately 75%) are considered chronically dehydrated. When this happens, we get used to the lack of water, so it can be difficult to tell when our bodies need to drink more.

Some important roles of water in the human body-

Water is what carries nutrients and oxygen to all of our bodies cells, it is what our blood is primarily made of.

Water is what carries waste from our bodies.

Water plays a huge role in the conversion of food to energy.

Water keeps joints healthy acting as a lubricant.

Water helps regulate body temperature.

Water helps protect our vital organs.

Water is largely responsible for healthy skin. Not everyone has the same recommended target for water intake. It is best to ask you doctor what your daily water intake goal should be. Once you know your recommended goal here are some ideas you can use to make sure you are at your optimal hydration level for good health.

-Understand your fluid needs. Before you decide to drink more water such as your health status, activity level, climate you live in, prescription medications you take, etc..

-Never wait until you feel thirsty to drink. The sensation of thirst shows you are most likely already dehydrated.

-Set a daily water goal. Find out how many ounces you should drink daily and do it!

-Set reminders in your phone to go off to remind you to drink.

-Use an app or a calibrated water bottle to ensure you are hitting your water intake goal.

-Drink a glass of water first thing after waking up, and before each meal

-Replace other drinks with water.

-Flavor your water. If plain water tastes boring to you and this is a main reason you don't drink enough water, you can add flavor. Be picky with your flavor, avoid sugary additives, avoid artificial sweeteners, avoid flavors with a lot of additives that are not natural.

-Keep a water bottle around. When your water is in sight, it is more likely to remind you to drink regularly.

-Eat water-rich fruits and vegetables. This will add to your hydration level.

-If you drink alcohol use the one-to-one rule. For every alcoholic drink you consume, drink a glass of water.

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Disclaimer: This information is not intended to replace treatment from your professional health care team. Use this information at your own risk and judgement. If you suspect you have a medical condition you should seek professional healthcare help. This information it to help guide you to achieve better health.


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