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Zip Code VS Genetic Code

Why Your Zip Code Tells You More Than Your Genetic Code On Life Expectancy.

Where you live has a strong impact on your overall health.  Your community and what it offers or does not offer plays a bigger role in your health and longevity than most people realize.

Housing, affordable healthcare, access to healthcare, affordable healthy food, safe community, weather, pollution, active community to encourage physical fitness, community involvement to encourage belonging, access to childcare, job availability, town and family traditions.  All of these aspects in your community whether it be a positive equity or a disparity determine more about your health (over 60% influence) than your genetics.  

This date proves the impact that diet, activity, stress, and happiness have on our lives.

Look into this! You can find data on disease, overall health, life expectancy of your town. See what you find. Are you in a good place?  What can you do to make a change for the better for yourself or your hometown? Invest in Yourself!

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